News 2019/20

Elizabeth Brown



Your annual subscriptions will be due on or before 30th June 2018. Fees for the year will be £75 for adults and £40 for juniors. Subscriptions can be paid directly into our bank. The sort code and account number are on the renewal sheets in the club. Should you have a late payment of fees the committee WILL add £10 to your fees. The carpet fund will be re-introduced and everyone will be paying £10. The life members will pay no less than £10 and subscription payers will pay the £75 of which £10 will go to the carpet fund.

New Dress Code will come under
the Bye-Laws of the club

 At the AGM in October 2016, a notice of motion was passed to change the dress code as follows: 
1 Trousers, a shirt with collar and bowling shoes must be worn.
2 No denims, tee shirts, polo necks, track suit, or football shirts.
1 Plain tailored well fitting trousers are permitted and bowling shoes must be       worn.
2 No denims or denim skirts, tee shirts, track suits, football shirts.
1 Must abide by all club rules and dress code.
2 Members will be held responsible at all times for their guests’ behaviour
3 The management and committee shall have the power to stop any abuse of these priviliges.
Any member or visitor who does not adhere to the above codes should be referred to the management or directorate and not approached by members (players may be asked to leave the field of play if this code is not adhered to)

Fees can be paid through Internet Banking
Bank details can be had from the manager on 0141 954 9564

Please email confirmation of what you pay, Fees and Find the Joker or just Fees

Electronic Cigarettes
The committee have made the decision that Electronic Cigarettes cannot be used inside the stadium and should be treated as real cigarettes.

Mobile Phones
The subject of mobile phones being used while games are being played has been brought to the attention of the committee. The committee are now asking that ALL mobile phones should be turned off or left in the locker room. We would ask everyone’s co-operation with the matter.

The Function Hall
Whiteinch Indoor Bowling Club is available for hire should anyone wish to hold a christening, birthday party etc, please fill in the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Annual Subscriptions
The question of bank charges was brought up at the AGM, so with help of all the members we are looking to try to reduce them. If those who use internet banking could pay their fees direct to the bank (details to follow soon), or pay by money transfer, this would hopefully reduce the charges. The club are charged a certain amount for every £100 in cash deposited, and also for cheques.

Your Web Site
If you have anything that you want to see on your web site, please let us know and we will do our best to make that happen. Now is the time to kick start the life of Whiteinch Indoor Bowling Club.